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Supports Coordination


  • Community Case Management – Supports Coordinators locate, coordinate, and monitor supports and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Supports Coordinators assess the individuals strengths and needs to determine what services would be beneficial. They provide assistance in obtaining Food Stamps, energy assistance, housing, financial assistance, employment, medical services, legal services, or other necessary services and benefits. Additionally, they help to resolve problems with services if they arise. Assistance is also provided for parents or guardians with school meetings, in applying for adaptive equipment, with a youth's transition into the adult world, and with helping to understand consequences when choices need to be made. The efforts of Supports Coordinators are directed to assisting the individuals to have services so they can live as independently as possible while maintaining their health and well-being.
  • Residential Case Management – Our Supports Coordinators monitor the care that individuals with intellectual disabilities receive in residential programs in McKean County. They meet regularly with the staff of local group homes to review Individual Support Plans aimed at helping people with intellectual disabilities reach their maximum potential. The Supports Coordinators also visit institutions and other residential facilities throughout Pennsylvania at least once a year. They review the care being provided to people who originated from McKean County.
  • Family Support Services – Provides financial support to families who have chosen to care for their family member with intellectual disabilities at home. A Family Advisory Council has been established to offer additional support.


  • Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • No charge for services.


  • Our offices are located at 110 Campus Drive in Bradford.
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Program Staff

  • Supports Coordinators have Bachelor's degrees in psychology, elementary education, sociology, human development and family studies, special education and mental health counseling.

Referral Procedure

  • Contact The Guidance Center, 110 Campus Drive, Bradford, PA 16701 or call (814) 362-6535.