Incredible Years Workshop

Would you like to receive practical tips to promote positive behavior, improve problemsolving, and enhance school performance in your children?

Would you like to help your child improve his/her social skills and self esteem?

Do you want more information on discipline strategies that work best for your child’s age and developmental level?

Would you like the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with other parents who experience the same joys and challenges of parenting?

The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years is a nationally recognized program provided by specially trained facilitators to parents and caregivers of children ages 2-8. It is an evidence-based service, which means that research has shown “it works”.

Facilitators offer techniques for promoting positive behavior that can be used in every day situations.

The program is delivered in a group setting with meetings held weekly for 7 weeks. Onsite childcare is provided by certified early childhood professionals.

Topics in the Incredible Years Workshop

  • Helping children deal with frustration
  • Teaching children to problem solve
  • The importance of having set schedules and regular daily routines in preventing behavior problems
  • Helping children learn responsibility
  • When to divert, distract, and ignore
  • Avoiding arguments and power struggles
  • Developmentally appropriate consequences

Program Outcomes for Children

  • Increased cooperation and compliance
  • Reduced aggressive behaviors
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved ability to manage emotions
  • Enhanced language development
  • Improved problem-solving skills

The Children In The Middle Workshop

All parents share a desire to minimize the impact of divorce on children. Each situation is unique and it can be challenging to know how to keep children out of the middle.

The Children In The Middle workshop offers tips to separating parents to aid in establishing successful co-parenting partnerships, strengthening parent-child bonds, and helping children thrive as families restructure.

Children In The Middle

The Children In The Middle program is a one -time, three hour workshop designed to help parents support their children through the processes of divorce, separation, and custody determination.

Children In The Middle is provided by The Guidance Center and offered through the Family Centers in McKean County.

Workshops are available in the evening during the week and on Saturdays.

Workshop Topics

  • Managing conflict and facilitating productive communication with the other parent
  • Typical child reactions to divorce and separation by age
  • How the child’s environment influences adjustment to family changes
  • Ways to minimize stress for your children when they transition between homes
  • Helping your child cope with feelings of grief and loss
  • Helping children express feelings
  • Recognizing signs when your child may need additional help coping with changes
  • Handling stress and taking care of yourself

Program Outcomes

  • Improved parental communications
  • Reduced children’s exposure to parental conflict
  • 57% reduction in re-litigation (childaccess, change of custody, and/or child-support disputes)
  • 30% reduction in child/parental loyalty conflicts
  • 70% fewer school absences among children
  • 22% reduction in child-reported stress