The Independent Living Mentoring Program is delivered in collaboration with the McKean County Department of Human Services and is designed to support self-sufficiency among system-involved youth.

Services are tailored to the individual youth’s preferences based on an assessment of needs in the areas of life skills, education, employment, support, permanency, prevention and housing.

Independent Living Mentoring Program Quality Report 2022-2023

Independent Living Mentoring

The Independent Living Mentoring Program is a free program for youth ages 14-21 who are co-enrolled with the McKean County Children and Youth Services Independent Living Program.

Staff serve as mentors/coaches while also delivering prevention programming and case management services to support youth in the development of life skills and pursuit of their goals. Services are delivered weekly.

Education and Support Services

  • Academic counseling and homework help Study and organizational skills
  • GED preparation
  • Job search, resume writing and interviewing
  • Job shadowing and career exploration
  • Trade schools/colleges, and other training
  • Locating/applying for financial aid/scholarships
  • Finding housing, understanding lease agreements, and rights/responsibilities
  • Basic home maintenance/repairs
  • Budgeting, banking, credit, loans, and taxes
  • Meal planning, cooking, shopping/consumer awareness
  • Health, nutrition, fitness and wellness
  • Healthy relationships and building a positive support system
  • Pregnancy and parenting support
  • Connections to healthcare, transportation and other services/community resources

Financial Assistance/Incentives

  • Recreational and social activities
  • Incentives for attendance/participation
  • Financial assistance for tutoring, test expenses, books and tuition
  • Assistance with household start-up including deposits, rent, utilities and other expenses