Nurturing Parenting is a nationally recognized evidence-based program provided by specially trained bachelor level home visiting staff with backgrounds in social work, human development or education.

Nurturing Parenting is a prevention and early intervention program. Program intensity is based on the needs identified by each family. Nurturing Parenting is not a treatment program. Families needing therapy should seek treatment services.

Nurturing Parenting

Nurturing Parenting is an evidence-based prevention and early intervention program provided by The Guidance Center at no cost to any family with children ages 6-18 residing in McKean County.

The program is provided through sessions delivered over a period of 12-24 weeks and includes separate child and parent sessions followed by a joint family fun activity.

Topics covered depend on the needs of the family and the age of the child. Services are provided in your home at a time that is convenient for your family

For Parents

  • Discipline strategies that work best for your child’s age and personality
  •  Brain development and it’s impact on behavior
  • Ways to adjust routines to support improved behavior and school success
  • Help children better understand rules, expectations and consequences
  • Ways to maintain communication with teens
  • Practical help to keep teens drug free, address bullying, improve school engagement and prevent or intervene with truancy

For Youth

  • Increase self-esteem, self awareness, and personal power
  • Improve communication with peers and adults
  • Expand problem solving, negotiation, and compromising skills
  • Accept praise and cope with criticism
  • Deal with anger in healthy ways
  • Cope with sibling rivalry
  • Manage stress
  • Turn challenges into accomplishments
  • Plan for the future
  • Explore choices and consequences

Truancy Mentor

The Truancy Mentor is a support offered through The Guidance Center’s Nurturing Parenting Program to help students with attendance concerns and provide these students with resources to motivate them to improve school attendance. The focus depends on the needs of the student and family.

The Truancy Mentor uses WhyTry, an evidenced based program.

Services are provided for students aged 6 to 18 and offered in the school, home, and community.

Is A Truancy Mentor Is Right For You

  • Are you looking for ways to help your child deal with being bullied?
  • Does your elementary age child complain that he or she does not like school and frequently ask to stay home for headaches, belly aches, and non-specified ailments?
  • Has your pre-teen or teen started cutting class or skipping school?


Participants demonstrate significant improvements in parent and peer relationships, communication and problem solving skills, academic success, school attendance, and compliance to rules and expectations. Families report increased communication, bonding, and reduced stress.

WhyTry Curriculum

The WhyTry curriculum teaches social and emotional skills to students in a way they can understand and remember. WhyTry is based on sound empirical principles, including solution focused support, social and emotional intelligence, and multisensory learning.

The WhyTry curriculum utilizes a series of ten visual analogies that teach important life skills:

  • Decisions have consequences
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Following boundaries and rules
  • Seeking support systems

The WhyTry Program is a resilience education curriculum that provides simple, hands-on solutions for:

  • Increased academic success
  • Truancy reduction
  • Dropout prevention
  • Violence prevention