Parents as Teachers is a nationally recognized evidence-based program provided by specially trained and certified early learning staff. The Guidance Center has been a certified Parents as Teachers Affiliate since 1997.

Parents as Teachers is provided at no cost to all families with children from pregnancy through kindergarten entry in Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk, Cameron, McKean, and Potter Counties. Services include home visits, child screenings, group connections and resource network.

PAT Annual Performance Measure Report 2022 – 2023

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    Parents as Teachers is proven to:

    • Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development
    • Improve early detection of developmental delays and health issues
    • Prevent child neglect and abuse
    • Increase children’s school readiness and success
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    We Help Parents:

    • Build confidence in the parenting role
    • Become more involved in their child’s early education
    • Connect with their children through play and reading time
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    We Help Children:

    • Score higher on kindergarten readiness tests
    • Improve problem solving skills
    • Quickly advance in language and social development


Our Parents as Teachers model has four dynamic components:

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    Personal Visits:

    Home visits are delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your family’s needs and schedule.

    During home visits staff will:

    • Demonstrate ways to help your child learn through play.
    • Provide materials for you and your child to create and participate in fun activities, games, and crafts.
    • Share information about every stage of your child’s development and address any questions or concerns.
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    Child Screenings:

    Screenings will be offered periodically to help you assess your child’s health, hearing, vision, language, intellectual and physical development.

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    Group Connections:

    Optional group story time, craft and game activities provide opportunities for children to develop social skills while parents are able to network and share ideas.

    Groups are open to any pre-school family regardless of whether or not they participate in home visits.


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    Resource Network:

    Staff will provide information about other community resources, activities, events, and services to support your child’s development.



Family Fun Night 4

What our PAT families say…

It has helped me by understanding how to engage my child in his development and to challenge him to learn new skills and better prepare for kindergarten.

The program has taught us a lot of new approaches and introduced us to resources that we weren’t aware of. We are very grateful for having found this program and lasting 6 years!

They have taught me beneficial techniques to help my child grow and develop where she should be. They helped me when I feel discouraged and helped me find ways around it.

When my baby was born I suffered from post partum depression, this program and my child’s teacher has helped the both of us become closer together and  helped me enjoy the small things as a first time parent. She has helped me with learning safe sleep, making sure my child is safe, helped get her in a routine and more. I’m grateful for this program.