Blended Case Management (BCM) provides assistance to individuals with a serious mental illness to help them identify and access available services, community resources and benefits and to resolve daily living problems. Services can be delivered in the home and community.

Eligibility: Individuals with a serious mental health disorder in need of home-based caseworker services.

Service area: McKean County

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation assists adults who have a serious mental illness to enhance their skills and development in areas of living, wellness, education, vocational and social environments.

Eligibility: Adults enrolled in Medical Assistance, with a history or presence of a serious mental health diagnosis.

Service area: McKean County

Peer Support Services offer mentoring, social support, and practical advice to adults with a serious mental health diagnosis. Provided by persons who have achieved stability in recovery, services focus on advocacy, empowerment, skill development, wellness, self-esteem and engaging natural supports and community resources.

Eligibility: individuals with a serious mental health disorder who are Community Care Behavioral Health eligible.

Service area: McKean County

STEPS Drop In Center offers recreational, social, craft and support activities for adult mental health consumers.

Supports Coordination provides assistance to residents with intellectual disabilities to assist them in identifying services, community resources, and benefits to meet their needs.

Wellness Nurse Services are provided to clients receiving BCM, who are determined to be at risk due to a physical health condition. Services include primary care coordination, wellness education and consultation.

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