On September 25, 2019, Claudette Haner, RN, NBC-HWC and Scott Henderson III (Certified Peer Specialist and Health Navigator) presented at Impact – the 2019 Annual Rehabilitation Community Provider Association (RCPA) Conference in Hershey, PA.

Claudette and Scott joined Jaspreet Brar, MD, PhD, of Western Psychiatric Hospital and Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH) and Leslie Washington, MSW, LCSW also with CCBH on “The Behavioral Health Home Plus Model and The Art of the SMART Goal for Healthy Change”.

The workshop encouraged and demonstrated the art of creating a SMART goal in the journey to better health. Creating a health and wellness related SMART goal helps to establish a person’s active role in self-management that may inspire and contribute to a happy, satisfying, and full life. Through a variety of wellness-based tools that promote and encourage self-management and self-advocacy, people are empowered to create their own wellness.

Individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) are dying 25 years earlier than the general population from largely preventable, lifestyle related diseases. The Behavioral Health Home Plus (BHHP) infrastructure is designed to partner with the individual and support their ability to self-manage their health and reduce their risk for disease.