The Guidance Center is recognizing Johnna McCullough, Ph.D., LPC, CTTS;  Clinical Director of School Based Services and Outpatient Mental Health. Johnna participated in and presented at the Project ECHO (Extension Community Healthcare Outcomes) Learning Series for Child Mental Health. This series of 11 educational sessions focused on ensuring that all individuals have the right to high-quality, patient-centered health care that is equal and unbiased. Creating an inclusive environment, in which healthcare conversations are more comfortable is important. This series focused on helping providers meet the complex social, emotional and physical healthcare needs of clients within a supportive and safe environment. Project Echo’s motto is “All teach; All Learn.” Johnna presented several cases to assist the other learners with furthering the development of skills. In addition to the series, she also became familiar with the LGBTQI+ inclusive healthcare services; as well as Mental Health and Substance Use for Student Assistance Program (SAP) Liaisons.

The series was said to have been exceptionally beneficial in providing both knowledge and collaboration with the Penn State College of Medicine and other individuals in the Mental Health field from all over the country in the review of cases for developing strategies to assist children, adolescents, and families. Through her ongoing training and experience, Johnna is able to help support other clinicians and individuals.