On Thursday, February 9, the PA Department of Education and Department of Human Services staff conducted a Site Monitoring visit for the ELECT (Education Leading to Employment and Career Training) grant that supports Project RAPPORT services for pregnant and parenting teens.  The Guidance Center facilitates the ELECT grant program for the Seneca Highlands IU-9 in 6 counties (McKean, Potter, Elk, Cameron, Clearfield, and Jefferson).  The program monitors acknowledged that The Guidance Center’s program services met all required outcome measures and the data provided was “flawless.”  The Monitoring Team indicated that this was the first state funded ELECT program that they’ve monitored for program year 2022-2023 that has no needed corrective action issues.  RAPPORT/ELECT program staff include:  Tina Thomas-Program Director, Rose Mancuso-Data Specialist, Erin Adamson-Administrative Assistant, Stacy Barber-Case manager, Jessica Bloom-Case manager, Lori Mague-Case manager, Jessica Costanzo-Case manager, and Terri Gigliotti-Case manager.
As part of the Site Monitoring visit, a group observation is required to be held with students involved in the ELECT program.  Pictured are students Blake, CJ, Ethan, and Alexis who attended the session to learn more about bonding and attachment with their babies and the “Onesies” they made for their children during the group.