The STEPS Choir was asked to perform at the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumer’s Association (PMHCA) Keys to Recovery Conference in Dubois, PA on October 3rd. The conference focused on the 5 key recovery concepts of Hope, Support, Personal Responsibility, Self-Advocacy, and Education. The conference was sponsored by Community Care, Roads to Recovery, and many others.
STEPS was asked to perform a concert during dinner and be a presenter during the conference. A total of 12 choir members attended the conference. The members enjoyed networking with other Drop-In Centers and Community Support Programs, as well as furthering their recovery by attending conference workshops.
Maggie Travis, STEPS Coordinator, and the choir members presented together in their workshop titled, “What do Holistic Services look like for a Drop-In Center?” The choir members were able to share how each holistic service has benefited their recovery journey and what they find the most fun throughout the presentation, along with showcasing their talents through jewelry expression, essential oils, and music healing.