On October 3, 2019, the STEPS Drop In Center celebrated 25 years since opening its doors as a club that offers social and recreational opportunities to individuals with mental illness. Jayne Peterson, Director of Recovery Services at The Guidance Center, gave opening remarks on the center’s ability to stay focused on its mission and roots, while continuing to grow as a club that supports those with mental illness. Sandra Schooley, Certified Peer Specialist, and club members, Jackie Mickle and Casey Langianese shared their experiences of how the center has benefited them in their personal recoveries. The STEPS choir provided entertainment by performing the “Monster Mash”. Caroline Dunmire was recognized and honored with a gift for being the longest attending member at STEPS. Maggie Travis, STEPS Drop In Center Coordinator, provided closing remarks, which included the song ‘You Will Be Found”. A good time was had by all!