As in person PAT Home Visits have resumed, there continue to be families who are experiencing COVID and other respiratory or flu symptoms that prohibit an in person visit. The Guidance Center PAT staff have developed “Visit Kits” for these unexpected visit cancellations so families can still have a visit when they may be unwell but not so sick that they can’t do an activity together. PAT staff offer an “emergency Visit Kit” for families in order to be prepared in the event that a home visit is cancelled due to illness. The kits include an activity page, parent handouts, material provided by the Parent Educator, a list of what the family will need for the activity, and instructions. The Visit Kit is put aside for use if needed.

The visit kit is designed for parents to do an activity with their child(ren). By doing the kit in the event the visit is cancelled, the family is still able to complete an activity page. The Parent Educator then sets up a time to have a telecommunication visit with the family to discuss how the Visit Kit was used and how the activity went for the parent and child.

An example: Activity Page-You’ve Got Mail: Writing and Understanding Parts of a Letter. Families were given an envelope with a stamp and the address for the Home Visitor’s office, to be mailed. Parents helped their child write or draw a picture or help their child write a message, then address and affix the stamp to the envelope. Parents were then encouraged to take their child to their mailbox or local post office. Parents could talk about their local post office, their mailperson, and the mailing process. After the Home Visitor received letters from the children, the Home Visitor sent a card in return. Each child received their own card addressed to them as their own piece of mail. Each card contained a coupon for the child to give to their Home Visitor for a book of their choice during their next visit. Parents reported their child was excited to see their name on their own piece of mail and are now looking forward to using their coupon to pick out their own book.

Pictured is a child with her mail from her Home Visitor and examples of the letters received from the children.