Pictured: Sally Walker, CEO BHARP,  Wendi Bator, Denise Bean, Dan Wertz, McKean County Administrator, and Briana Jones

The Guidance Center has been redesignated as a North Central Trauma Informed Care Center for behavioral health services

Bradford, PA.  The Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania (BHARP) and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization announces the achievement of The Guidance Center for their participation in the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative.

Sally Walker, CEO of BHARP states that “throughout the global pandemic, mental health needs have been at an all-time high and for The Guidance Center to have achieved Exemplary status as a trauma site is quite impressive and we appreciate the continued work involved in providing quality care for our members.”

The providers involved in this initiative have expertise in trauma informed care as it pertains to trauma-specific treatment for individuals in care, creating a TIC culture, and promoting safety for staff and individuals. Providers who have made the transition to a TIC environment transformed processes, people, and systems throughout the organization.

Dan Wertz, McKean County Human Services Administrator “commends The Guidance Center for ensuring that our children, families, friends, and neighbors have access to quality behavioral health care which supports their recovery and healing from trauma.”

Dr. Lyndra Bills, Senior Medical Director for Community Care indicates “It is wonderful to see The Guidance Center achieve this status as a TICC provider. This requires ongoing dedication and a real commitment to being able to provide both a trauma informed and trauma specific treatment approach for those who need it.”