The Guidance Center’s Education and Prevention program staff from 6 counties participated in a training and team building day on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at the Dam Inn in Wilcox PA.

A session presented by Jennifer Asti about court proceedings, expectations, subpoena responses and testimony supported the staff’s experiences when requests for information regarding family services are made by County Children and Youth agencies or attorneys. Jennifer shared her personal and work related stories that highlighted her message in a way that was honest and genuine.

The top 10 tips for taking photos with a cell phone was presented by Cinde Schuckers who is retiring from TGC at the end of June. Every participant agreed that they learned something new about features of their phones that will help them take better photos to share with others. Cinde was honored with a special gift to use during her retirement from TGC Administrative staff, Program staff, and Agency Board Members.

Shared ideas about supporting family goal setting was highlighted by each of the programs. Early Intervention, Project RAPPORT, Nurturing Parenting Program, Independent Living Mentoring Program and Parents as Teachers staff participated in an exercise about writing SMART Goals and shared their expertise with one another to refine their process in a manner that will support program participants to develop their own goals.

During the day the staff learned more about each other, the different programs, and office locations while joining in various team building activities.

The evaluation responses from the day resulted in 29 staff Agreeing that the objectives of the training were clearly defined/one staff Neutral. All 30 staff agreed that Participation and Interactions with others was encouraged. The presentations about the court process, phone photography, and family goal setting was relevant to 27 participants with 3 neutral ratings. All agreed the content was organized and easy to follow, 29 agreed the materials distributed were helpful/one neutral, and 28 agreed the training experience will be useful in their work/2 neutral. Many positive comments included the word FUN and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to be with staff that are from different programs and other counties and office locations.