This outdoor Parents as Teachers home visit activity was fun on a warm sunny day with a family that made their own Puffy Sidewalk Chalk.  The family followed the recipe to create the sidewalk puffy chalk paint in clear plastic gallon zipper bags. The Puffy Chalk Paint was then divided up into smaller baggies for easier handling.  After Mom cut a corner off of the bottom of the small baggies, she encouraged Eva and Will to draw pictures on their driveway.  When several bags of mix were squeezed onto the driveway Mom encouraged her children to smear the colors into each other, walk through piles of puffy paint to leave footprints, talk about color changes, and describe how the paint felt when they first started to use it compared to when it dried on the driveway and themselves.  Mom also turned rinsing off the driveway into a learning lesson by predicting which colors may be easier to rinse since some of the colors were thicker than the others.
To make your own Puffy Sidewalk Chalk go to:
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