Parents as Teachers staff held a Group Activity with the Curwensville Ambulance service on Tuesday, October 17.  
A tour of the ambulance was given where each of the kids got to try on gloves worn by EMS, put on a Pulse Ox, talked about “boo-boos” and first aid with Paramedic Kenny Brown.  PHRN Robert Shearer, seen in the fire gear, showed the kids what a fire fighter would look and sound like when they search a building for people needing rescued, then explained why each piece of gear was important for the firefighters to wear, let each child try on a helmet, oxygen tank, and coat.  The kids played a game, “What is the missing gear?” which had The Guidance Center’s PAT Home Visitor wearing some of the gear then letting the kids shout out which things she forgot to put on. 

A tour of the fire truck and rescue truck was done and some of the emergency tools were shown, such as the jaws of life.  PHRN Shearer, Paramedic Brown, and Chief Fye answered a lot of questions about safety, emergency rescues, “boo-boos,” and the need for the department to have 2 different types of boats.

The fire company also gave each child a Station 8 coloring book, crayons, and plastic fire helmet.